Are Silicone body Scrubbers good?

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as having a quick bath or shower after a long day. The soothing and tender touch of the body scrubbers plus soap lather relaxes the body and cools down the brain.Are Silicone body Scrubbers good?

However, as good as body scrubbers are, they can be a source of bacteria in the body. As a result, the dermatologists advised us to be succinct in our choice of body scrubber. As simple as that is to follow, the various suggested cleansing methods can be overwhelming to keep up with.

When a new method is released, everyone gets super excited, hoping the new tool or technique is the long-awaited body Messiah that will keep our skin clear and glowy like never before. Unfortunately, the results don’t always turn out like that. But on the flip side, having the right cleansing tool can be a serious upgrade for your skin.

Silicone scrubbers have become popular as alternatives to hand cleansing. For some, finger-cleansing doesn’t feel compelling enough, and we’ve all witnessed and experienced horror stories about how loofahs can be breeding grounds for bacteria.

The question now is, what about silicone scrubbers? Are they effective at cleansing and exfoliating? Are they gentle enough on the skin as presented? This article seeks to answer all such questions. Ready to buff your way to a clean and safe cleansing? Stay glued to this article to answer all your questions and doubts.

What are Silicone Scrubbers?

Meet the future of body hygiene: silicone scrubbers. Crafted from non-toxic, food-grade premium silicone, they promise not just durability and tenderness but also unparalleled hygiene. Commonly used with body wash for cleaning and massaging the body, they ensure minimal body upkeep.

These body scrubbers are safe for the skin because they are infused with antimicrobial silver and zinc to resist odour-causing bacteria. They also lather well to help remove dirt and oil from the body. These scrubbers are typically hypoallergenic, odour-resistant materials.

The scrubber has three significant parts. The parts include:

●      Scrubbing fins: They help soap lather during bath, massage or exfoliating the skin

●      Hanger loop: Used to store the scrubber by hanging it on the wall

●      Handle strap: Help the scrub stay securely in your hands.

Comparing Loofah/Sponges and Silicone Scrubbers

Silicone scrubbers are used to clean off sunscreen from your body or anywhere you have back or butt acne. The scrubber offers a tender touch for sensitive skin parts compared to a washcloth, Loofah, or spin brush. 

On the other hand, Loofah is often spelled as luffas. They are popular bathing accessories used for cleaning and exfoliating the skin. They are made Loofahs are too abrasive for your skin because the fibers can be too stiff and rigid. They are better used for specific rough patches on places like elbows, knees, and heels. They can rip off the top of acne, leading to bleeding and scarring. 

In contrast, silicone is flexible and offers a tender touch to your skin. It can be used on all body parts without causing acne breakouts or scarring.

Loofahs take a longer time to drain water away. However, when wet, they can become a perfect haven for microbes, which can be transferred to your skin during use, leading to skin irritation and infection.

Conversely, silicone body scrubbers are non-porous, which means they drain water quickly, preventing bacteria from breeding on a wet surface.

How do I Use a Silicone Scrubber

A common saying is that if the use of a thing is unknown abuse is inevitable. To prevent careless use of our scrubber, let’s reveal the best ways to use our silicone body scrubber.

Avoid Excessive use of your Scrubber

We all know that excessive use of any product or device will result in its breakdown. For example, excessive use of your body will cause you to fall sick. For start, use your scrubber at most twice a day for your body to adapt to it. Also, it helps to make it last longer.

Clean in lukewarm water

Before you use your silicone product, dip in lukewarm water with bath soap and wash. This process should be repeated during cleaning of your body scrubber. Sometimes, you can boil it in hot water to kill off microbes.

Why Silicone body scrubber?

Nowadays, the effects of pollution are evident around us. From change in climate caused by depleting ozone layers to outbreak of lots of skin diseases like cancer, acne etc. The question is why the attack on our bodies? This is because our body suffers when it is exposed to dust, smoke, and other pollutants resulting in premature aging, wrinkles, dull appearance and dark spots.

To be safe, it’s best to take care of our skin’s health by paying deep attention to the skin care products we use. One such product we have been discussing is the silicone body scrubber.

Let’s explore the major benefits of silicone scrubbers. These benefits include:

Effective Skincare

The soft and delicate scrubbers are excellent for tender cleansing of your skin without any reactions like skin irritation. If you are ready to say goodbye to dead skin cells, it’s time to make a silicone scrubber a part of your bathroom accessories.

Deep Cleansing

The skin has pores that trap toxins, dust, and other unwanted particles around you. It would have been great if a regular face wash or cleansing had removed the dust particles trapped inside these tiny pores. However, they can’t.

It would help if you had a bristle to penetrate the skin pores to remove dirt and germs. The tiny bristles of your silicone scrubber delicately penetrate into the skin and remove dirt and excess oil from your body, offering a deep cleansing treatment every time you use it.

Improves Blood Circulation

Whenever you rub silicone scrubber gently on your body, it offers a massaging effect that helps improve blood circulation. There is no friction between the surface of the scrubbers and the skin, therefore no heat will be felt on the surface that they are being scrubbed.

Easy To Use

They are easier to clean and dry because they don’t hold germs and dirt, unlike loofahs which can be a breeding ground for microbes. They don’t take up much space in your bathroom because they are very compatible and easy to hold which makes them wonderful to use at home.

Furthermore, due to the flexibility and the portable size of silicone scrubber, it will help save space and weight whenever you’re traveling.

Relaxes Facial Muscles and Body Muscles

Applying silicone body scrubbers at least three times a week helps to tighten your skin. With the scrubber, if you scrub the surface of your skin in a circular motion, you will experience a massage-like effect that relaxes your facial and body muscles.

When you relax your muscles regularly, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines. To be more intentional, apply it below the eyes and on smile lines to get your desired result of a youthful appearance within a few months.

Makes Your Skin Glow

For your beauty routines such as cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, adding gentle scrubbing is an easy way to boost your beauty routine and help your skin look even better.

Silicone body scrubber is one of the best body scrubbers to help your skin glow. Silicone scrubbers are the perfect way of removing dead skin cells and they are gentle on the skin but also effective.

Safe For the Skin

Loofahs usually take a longer time to dry out completely. The time it takes to dry makes it prone for bacteria to breed and can lead to skin infections.

Silicone scrubbers are a perfect replacement for loofahs in terms of time required to dry up after every bath or shower and in turn preventing any chances for bacteria to grow on them. The tender touch of the bristles is safe for the skin and the scrubbers are completely safe to be applied on the face and body.

To mention a few, these are seven benefits revealing why silicone scrubbers are a good alternative for your skin.


Why are silicone bath brushes better for washing?

Silicone body scrubbers are more hygienic than sponges or loofahs when it comes to washing. Synthetic sponges harbor a huge amount of bacteria and loofahs when wet serve as breeding ground for  germs and bacteria.

How do you fill up and dispense soap with a silicone bath brush?

Silicone body scrubbers are not to store soap. You would want to fill them up at each shower or bath time like you would do for a traditional sponge or loofah. It doesn’t require a unique or different method.

How do you fill the Pebbl silicone body scrubber?

First of all, you will open the cap by pulling the small silicone cab towards yourself or upward.  This can be a little fiddly, but your finger nails will help you in pulling it. It’s designed that way to keep it secure when you’re washing with it. So, in short, pull up the cap and reach for your bath wash

Secondly, after the cap is open, pour in your bath wash and return the cap to its position. Once you’ve added your soap, turn on the shower. It doesn’t need to be a lot of water, just enough to get the lather of your soap going. While the shower is running, gently scrub your body with the silicone scrubber.

Silicone safe for your skin?

There are different kinds of silicone. We have the medical grade, liquid silicone, and food grade to mention a few. Of all the types of silicone, food grade silicone is the type that is safe with the body.

This type of silicone has been tested by various food and drug regulating bodies and found to be safe for contact with food and the body. For more than decades, it has been in use and there has not been an adverse effect of this type of silicone.

Are Silicone Cleansing Brushes More Harmful than Helpful?

There are so many reasons why silicone scrubbers are beneficial for your skin. They enhance our skincare routines by improving the performance of our products and simplifying our routines, so we have more time in the day.

The silicone scrubber is a popular item among beauty lovers who use it on their faces and body. Do you have dry, dull skin? What you need is a gentle approach to slough off dead skin cells without putting your skin under unnecessary stress.

At the end of a tiring, long day, you deserve some quality time in the bathroom to pamper yourself and wash away all the dirt and worries. So, say hello to your silicone scrubber, your skin’s new best friend.

Are Silicone Body Scrubbers Good?

Yes, as well as using silicone scrubbers on your face, they are also excellent for using all over your body.

Are there Side Effects to Silicone Scrubber

Silicone body scrubbers can harbor some bacteria if they are not cleaned regularly.

Also, if they are not cleaned frequently, they can cause breakouts of rashes on your face. Although manufacturers boast of its ability to resist the growth of bacteria, dermatologists advised to replace it after 6 months of use.

There can be side effects depending on the condition of your skin. If you have a unique skin condition, it’s best to consult your dermatologist before you opt for the scrubber.

This is because after such procedures, the skin epidermis which protects against disease is compromised. Therefore, any exposure to bacteria would cause the skin to be infected.

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