Manufacturing silicone slow feed dog bowl

Product details

Material Silicone

Target audience Cat, Dog

Brand OEM

Product care instructions Hand Wash Only

Pattern Solid

Target species Dog


  • {The Highest Quality Material} We know Your pet’s health is most important. Our dog feeder material is the strongest on the market. Each of our lick mat for dogs made up of Non-Toxic, BPA-Free Food-Grade Silicone. Each lick mat for dogs is highly durable, freeze-free, and dishwasher safe. This dog puzzle toy well-designed dog mat, there bright colors 1 green licking mat, 1 yellow licking mat, 1 yellow can match well with other parts of your room.
  • {Reduces Anxiety and Harsh Behavior} This dog lick mat or dog slow feeder are the best lick pads for dogs anxiety. This dog puzzle toy helps calm and soothe your pet dog activity mat releases endorphins offering anxiety relief for dogs and cats and reduce destructive behaviors in times of stress. When they use our pet food mat- dog accessories, it’s a new challenge with calming licking pad grooves provides fun sensations for them increasing their interest
  • {Increase Tooth and Gum Health} When your dog use our dog snuffle mat his mouth stimulates extra saliva production this dog lick pad has several health benefits. Saliva helps clean your dog’s gums and teeth. Your dog’s saliva is also better at protecting against cavities. The more saliva your dog makes, the less likely he’ll get cavities. One of the other benefits of a lick mat or treat dispensing dog toy is helping your dog’s breath
  • {Easier To Clean Dishwasher Safe} Our dog bowls for large dogs or pet licking pad for small dogs helps clean harmful bacteria from your pet’s tongue boosting gum and teeth health and is very easy to clean. After using, simply simply peel off the wall and toss in the dishwasher or hand wash soak your dog snuffle mat in warm water and soap for 3-5 minutes and then wash it and dry to use again

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