12 teeth crampons and ice axe manufacturing


Item Type: 12 Teeth Crampons

Size M/L/XL

Product Material: Silicone + Stainless Steel

Product Color: Black or Orange

Claw Length: Approx.1.6cm / 0.6in

Claw Thickness: Approx.2mm / 0.1in


Good Performancce: ‑40° low temperature resistance, high strength thickened manganese steel claw, skid resistance, oxidation resistance and not easy to rust.
Thickened Steel Tooth: Thickened steel tooth, steel tooth length is 1.6cm / 0 6in, heat treatment process is adopted, it has high strength, wear resistance, and is not easy to bend.
Long Service Life: Stainless steel welding chain is low temperature resistant, not easy to freeze crack, strong and durable, which undoubtedly extends its service life.
Strong Elasticity: With strong elasticity and good flexibility, not easy to deform after stretching, strong thermal elasticity is not easy to break, and has high stability in cold weather.
Stainless Steel Material: Crampons are made of silicone and stainless steel material, available in M L and XL sizes, you can choose to fit your own size according to the size of your feet.

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