factory 12 Teeth Ice Crampons

Item Type: Shoes Covers

Material: Steel

Color: Black + Orange

Cold-resistant Temperature: -40℃

Weight: Approx. 981g

Fit for shoes: CN 36-46 / US 6-13.5

Spike length: 4 cm / 1.5 in

Product description

1. Made of high strength steel, which is firm and durable, and is safer without breaking. It is suitable for people who often work outdoors.
2. The front and rear fixing belts are made of nylon, which is thick, high wear resistance, high strength, and low temperature resistance.
3. Long ice teeth, strong grip, adjust the corresponding size according to the size of the foot, and use it with various outdoor sports shoes, hiking shoes and mountain boots.
4. Unique anti‑skid effect, suitable for special places and outdoor activities such as ice and snow, rainy days, mud roads, slippery grounds, deserts, etc.
5. Slip directly on the sole, easy to wear and take off, convenient and quick to use, easy to carry, safe and practical!

Item Type: Crampons
Material: Manganese Steel, Plastic, Nylon Webbing
Uses: Suitable for Environments Such As Snow, Grass, and Ice.

How to Use:

Put the product on the sole of the shoe.

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