24 Teeth crampons for ice manufacturers

Size M/L/XL

Sport Hiking Walking Fishing Jogging Climbing Mountaineering

Style All-season

Brand OEM

Material Stainless Steel

Colour Black or Orange

Usage  Portable


High-quality materials】— It is made of high-quality 201 stainless steel chain and high-strength manganese steel claws, which is strong and resistant to low temperature and corrosion, so it can walk freely in an environment of minus 45 degrees. The strap is made of stretchable thermoplastic elastomer (silicone), which is flexible and wear-resistant. And tear resistance, can improve life.
【Comfortable and durable】—24 multi-directional balanced enhanced stainless steel studs, Each wide heel plate with 3 studs can be used for safe downhill traction. These climbing crampons are suitable for all types of terrain, including ice, snow, wet rock, concrete and gravel, and can provide 360-degree traction on cold surfaces to achieve all-round stability without tangling In the vegetation.
【Durability and Resilient】— Highly flexible and resilient silicone frame stretches easily to place them on boots ,highly elastic and it is not easy to tear.Tested to stay flexible down to -45 degrees .Aggressive cleats and treads prevent slips and falls on ice or snow pavement.
【Wide range of uses】— very suitable for outdoor sports, including mountaineering, hiking, ice walking, running, rock climbing, ice fishing, etc., suitable for man and woman.

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