silicone ice cube tray with lid manufacturers

Material Silicone

Colour Honeycomb

Brand OEM

Shape Square

Item weight 200 Grams

Product Dimensions 22L x 14W x 5H Centimetres

Is dishwasher safe Yes

Material type free


  • 37 Grid Ice Trays for Freezer with Lid: Our small ice maker ice cube tray with lid made of high quality silicone material has dimensions of 8.0 inches in length, 4.8 inches in width, and 0.82 inches in height,which make the ice tea maker silicone molds stronger and more durable. The silicone ice cube tray square ice cube mold can withstand long term cold storage without breaking.Enjoying an iced coffee or cocktail at any time,this coffee ice cube tray is more essential for iced coffee.
  • Ice Cube Mold Release Easily: The silicone ice cube trays with lid makes it easy to take out the ice cubes.Twist the ice cube tray with both hand,then ice cubes are each individually separated,you will release most of the ice cube more easily and press the bottom to push out for the remaining few ice cubes.Compare to take out rice ball mold ice cube by using ice pick difficultly, this ice cube tray with easy release make it more convenient to get reusable ice cube for freezer organizer bins.
  • Small Ice Cube Trays with Lid Design: The lid design of rubber ice cube tray is user-friendly, allows you make perfectly sized ice cubes in the ice cube bin, mini fridge, freezer containers or ice holder for freezer, while preventing spills and excess water from freezing, and keeping the ice from absorbing freezer odors.This ice trays for freezer silicone to make reusable ice cubes will be more clean and hygienic than ice ball maker mold or water bottle ice cube tray.
  • Ice Coffee Lovers Must Haves: Whether you like a refreshing ice coffee or a glass of the fruit juice, no ice coffee is complete without the silicone ice trays for freezer. Our 37 grid square ice cube mold for juice would be better enhance the taste than ice ball maker,round ice cube mold, bourbon ice cube molds or ball ice cube tray.
  • New Home Essentials Reusable Ice Cubes for Drinks:Our ice cube trays with lids can make reusable ice cubes easily for wine chiller,reusable juice box, fruit storage containers for fridge, baking soda holder for fridge, freezer tray or ice bin for freezer.The ice cube tray can be using for cooking such as ice pops. It’s suitable for you to take out ice cubes by ice tongs into plastic cauldron for wine away.
  • Easy to Use & Dishwasher Safe:Fill the silicone ice trays ice cube mold with water, close the lid, and slide the tray into the freezer. In addition to water, you can fill the ice cubes reusable with fruit, ice cream, soda, cocktails, whiskey, vodka, iced coffee and wine to customize your favorite flavors. It also can be use as fondant tools silicone mold. And you can simply put them in the dishwasher after use.
  • Crushed Ice for Sugar Dessert: If you have big ice cube trays, sphere ice cube mold or round ice cube trays, our small ice cube trays for freezer is more easier to crush ice to use for parties. If fine crushed ice taste is desired, with smaller ice cubes, tap and control a bit the uniformity of the crushed ice.

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