Silicone Mold Making & Prototype

After the drawings and designs are confirmed, we will develop molds to build prototypes. The purpose is to validate and help customers understand the characteristics of the product. To ensure that our silicone products are produced in the best possible way, we use advanced CNC and EDM to manufacture precision metal molds. Our in-house precision mold making shop can support flexible prototype modification requirements. At the same time, it can help you save the initial cost of your project and shorten the development cycle. Mold surface treatment process is one of the means to obtain special properties for silicone products.FOREST offers a range of mold surface treatments to achieve this goal: from polishing and texturing to plating/coating or sandblasting.

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Excellent manufacturing capabilities

Silicone refiners are widely used in the manufacturing industry due to their outstanding high temperature resistance, excellent flexibility and great adhesion. Its unique chemical properties make it outstanding performance in harsh environments, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, suitable for a variety of materials bonding. Silicone refining process is easy, non-toxic and tasteless, in line with environmental standards, and can achieve precise coating. In the electronic, medical, automotive and other fields, silicone rubberizing has shown irreplaceable advantages.

Silicone Molding Production

As a silicone compression molding manufacturer, we specialize in producing custom silicone molded parts. Once the prototype stage is completed and samples are confirmed, we will proceed with mass production. Our engineers will design and fabricate multi-cavity production molds to increase productivity and reduce your cost per part.

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Logo customization is a great way to ensure that your product stands out! With silicone products, you can choose from 4 distinct methods available for imprinting logos on them. Making the most of this convenient opportunity ensures maximum visibility and engagement with potential customers. Debossed / Embossed LOGO On Tool Mold Directly LOGO Printing(Pad printing, screen printing, heat transfer) Epoxy LOGO Laser Etching / Engraving LOGO

Customized Packaging

From initial design concept to implementation, our comprehensive range of custom packaging solutions can help your business reduce costs and maximize returns. We are committed to being a reliable resource for all your product packaging needs from start to finish. Our custom packaging includes cartons, printed labels, hang tags, barcode stickers, bags, PE/PVC boxes and more.

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Got a question? Get your answer.

Yes, silicone products are generally washable and dishwasher safe. Silicone is known for its excellent heat resistance, making it suitable for use in the dishwasher and other high-temperature environments. It is stable at both low and high temperatures, maintaining its flexibility and durability. However, it’s always advisable to check the specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer for each silicone product, as variations may exist depending on the product’s composition and intended use.

We will provide environmental certificates for raw materials if required.

Because it’s so abundant, silicon is relatively easy to obtain. However, its relative rarity makes it difficult to purify it in nature. As a result, it requires man-made processing to make it suitable for electronics. Because of its high availability, silicon is inexpensive and plentiful.

China is the world’s largest silicon producer, with a production volume estimated at six million metric tons in 2022. The second largest producer of this metalloid in the world was Russia, which produced 640,000 metric tons in the same year.

Silicone rubber is known for its durability and resistance to breakdown. However, over time, it can degrade due to environmental factors such as exposure to UV light, heat, and moisture.

It’s used for medical, electrical, cooking, and other purposes. Because silicone is considered chemically stable, experts say it’s safe to use and likely not toxic. That’s led to silicone being widely used in cosmetic and surgical implants to increase the size of body parts like the breasts and butt, for example.

Yes, we do. Starting from 0 to fulfillment of your order and meeting your needs is our aim. Our main services include CNC molds, mold manufacturing, branding services and packaging solutions. If you are looking for mold makers / mold makers and manufacturers, we are the custom silicone manufacturer in China that you have been looking for.
By offering the complete silicone product development cycle under one roof – from designing parts and building molds to going into full production – you’ll reduce the risk of working with multiple vendors, shorten time to market, and reduce costs.