best crampons for ice climbing factory


Item Type: 10 Teeth Crampons

Size S/M/L/XL

Product Material: Silicone

Product Color: Black

Sport Hiking Walking Fishing Jogging Climbing Mountaineering

Style  All-season


[ KEEP YOU SAFE & INJURY-FREE ] – The new upgrade nested crampons with 11 robust stainless steel spikes, 7 spikes at the forefoot and 4 spikes at the heel, offer excellent traction on a variety of terrain or other worst conditions. It’s your best companion walking on snow and ice.
[ DURABLE & PORTABLE ] – Made of durable rubber material, the ice cleats can withstand temperatures down to -49℉/-45°C. No need to worry it will tear or snap. And these snow cleats can be folded small enough to be stored in a pocket or pack when not being worn.
[ EASY TO TAKE ON AND OFF ] – Only need three steps, you can put on or take off the Crampons in 30s. Simple stick the toe of your shoe in the front loop and grab the strap on the back and stretch it over your shoe’s heel. The weight of a single ice grip is about 0.3lb, so you won’t consider other cumbersome options in the snow.

  • 【Compatibility with Various Shoe Types】This traction cleats’main body are made of highly elastic rubber material (thermoplastic elastomer), Easy To Get On and Off to adapt to boots,hiking shoes, snakers, business shoes and more. Great for ice fishing, hunting, walking, jogging, hiking, running, shoveling.
  • 【Convenient and Versatile Detachable Design】These lightweight ice snow cleats can be easily attached and detached in a matter of seconds. The non-slip gripper spikes can be worn comfortably without causing any discomfort. They come with a storage bag for convenient folding and storage. Perfect for winter outdoor activities such as walking on suddenly snow-covered surfaces, navigating icy fishing spots, commuting on snowy paths, and other situations where slip resistance is essential.

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